The original Unblockable Caller ID and "ultimate skip tracing tool".

In 1991, Universal Communications Co. developed a unique service by which investigative professionals could have real-time access to critical location information. Since that time, unblockable caller ID (which many investigators call a “trap line”), has become a standard part of the professional investigative tool kit.

What is an Unblockable Caller ID service? Very simply, UCC provides investigators with toll-free phone service and gives those investigators real time access to call detail information such as date of call, time of call, unique ID information, and the callers phone number. All call detail information is available 24/7 by phone access or internet access. In addition, an email can be sent every night so you have fresh information each morning. For critical cases, we can even page you immediately upon the conclusion of a call, alerting you to check you caller ID information.

“For a call-back number, many investigators leave their unblockable caller ID toll-free number with the friends, relatives ….”. When the suspect returns the call, investigators can immediately speak with the caller or simply drop the caller into a voice mail box.

Either way, the investigator now has a starting point for future investigation and surveillance efforts. The service works on all inbound phone calls - published, non-published, unlisted, cell phones, and pay phones.

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